Marc Enfroy

Marc Enfroy
Inspired by the death of his sister from melanoma, Marc Enfroy (pronounced EN-froy) began teaching himself to compose music in 2006. By interweaving beautiful instrumental piano melodies with touching orchestral arrangements in a style he calls Cinematic Piano, Marc has soothed many hearts with his warm and original compositions. 



01. Night on the Seine (4:11)
02. Unbounded (3:12)
03. The Summit (3:28)
04. Empire Bluff (4:00)
05. Mare Nostrum (4:27)
06. Kalliope's Courtyard (4:17)
07. Taken Away (3:34)
08. Memories in the Sand (3:43)
09. Forbidden Island (4:07)
10. On to Forever (4:16)
11. Solitary Journey (4:04)
12. Moonlit Dreams (3:31)




01. Always (4:52)
02. The Heart of Aurora (3:48)
03. Before the Dawn (3:52)
04. The Magic Garden (3:36)
05. Along the Crystal Shore (3:17)
06. Above the Clouds (3:27)
07. The Promise (4:37)
08. Reflections in Deep Blue (3:39)
09. Wistful Visions (4:31)
10. Maiden of the Morning Star (3:37)
11. Finding Elysium (3:45)




Loving yourself unconditionally is the first and most important step you can take to enhance your personal well-being and increase the measure of love you give and receive. These beautiful soundscapes by award-winning composer Marc Enfroy were carefully composed to create a warm atmosphere perfect for focusing loving energy on yourself. Exquisitely produced by renowned new age duo, 2002, connect with all the goodness inside you as beautiful serenades of tender piano, pristine strings, heavenly choirs, sweet flutes and enchanting bells flood your heart with self love, wellness and peace. Love yourself like a child. Love yourself without limits. Love yourself (and all) in a way that's completely.. UNCONDITIONAL!..
If you are familiar with both Marc Enfroy and 2002, then you can imagine this new arrival in Cinematic Piano, Instrumental and celestial soundscapes is the ultimate music experience. While I can only speculate on the success of this, or any album, I can give you the assurance Unconditional is a passionate creation and absolute beauty that was empowered by design to take flight, in uplifting music made to celebrate life...

1. A Good Heart (05:29)
2. Uniqueness (04:42)
3. Unconditional (05:17)
4. A Beautiful Soul (05:18)
5. A Positive Spirit (04:29)
6. Peacefulness (04:59)
7. Confidence (03:59)
8. Safe and Secure (04:21)
9. Admiration (04:22)
10. Reaching Authenticity (04:19)10. April 2011, 13:09


Dreams Of The Forest

Dreams Of The Forest
Dreams Of The Forest

01. The Forest Awakens (04:11)
02. Waiting for Sunrise (04:09)
03. Miracle in the Glade (03:37)
04. Woodland Waltz (04:05)
05. Nocturne (03:19)
06. Fireflies (04:33)
07. Goodbye Summer (04:16)
08. Reaching for the Sky (04:03)
09. Pines in the Mist (04:11)
10. After the Rain (03:35)
11. In the Still Air (01:59)
12. The Return of Spring (04:41)
13. Fawn's First Leap (05:08)
14. Postlude (03:17)

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